Friday, January 27, 2017

Bryan's Weekly W/E 1/27/17

TNL followers,

I know there are not a whole lot of you following our movement now. I believe this will change soon, in time.

We have had a successful meeting, yes, TNL's first board meeting is on the books. That is a start. In combination with getting our filing underway, we are on our way to becoming incorporated as a Non-Profit.


Today, however, I would like to talk about the lanes developed at  North Fork Wolf Creek.

Being that I was involved with planning and development of the 4 lanes, I figured I would highlight the GOOD things that come from putting yourself out there. Something that Trash No Land plans on doing a lot of, and we ask that our followers do as well.

It all started with a day out on Louisgnot Road, a day out with a friend, recreationally shooting. Jason Rautenkranz, a former ODF Forest Grove employee, pulled up to see what my friend I are were up to. He had been tasked with educating and enforcement of Tillamook Forest Recreational Shooting laws. Him and I talked for a really long time that afternoon. I took Jason's card and promised I would touch bases with him later.

A month or so passed and I found Jason's card. I called.

Next thing I knew I was going on ride alongs with Jason in and around Tillamook State Forest. We were collecting information on shooting locations and coming up with plans to perform some sort of shooting lane development within Tillamook State Forest. The forest Grove department led by Recreational Manager Randy Peterson, saw the need for something, anything, after having a fairly significant fire cause unforeseen costs to the department. A fire, unfortunately, caused by uneducated recreational shooters.

Many ride alongs took place. Followed by many meetings with other like minded people that wanted to contribute to the cause. Shortly there after, we had a mock up of our blueprint for what design elements were to be implemented into a recreational shooting lane.

After that was said and done, there was a little radio silence.

Then it was approve!!! I was honestly, super surprised, but insanely happy!

Just so you get an idea of the work that went into these spots. Here is a picture of Lane 3 prior to development.

And after:

A cool visual from Google, before:

After (lane 3 and 4):

Some progress pictures:

Some completion pictures:

Moving forward, I am continuing to work with the Oregon Department of Forestry and Randy Peterson. We have stayed in contact and are looking to continue our partnership (which strengthened due to incorporating Trash No Land as a non-profit). With some more work we look to continue developing more sites like these.



Tuesday, January 24, 2017


You arrive at your favorite place to shoot and find it trashed.  Some ‘Jack-Wagon’ left his used up targets, milk jugs, beer cans and littered the ground with shotgun hulls (yet, they picked up their spent brass!).  Your blood boils and you’re down right discussed.  We don’t blame you at all.  We are all discussed at the mess we often see.

So what do we do first?  Break out the tools and start recreating?  Or clean it up?  Neither!  Grab the camera first!  Camera?  Yes!  Take photos to show the before and after.  Later, we ask that you email those photos to us, with a location, so we can forward them to the appropriate land management and/or law enforcement agency.  (It’s important for our management partners to know that we, responsible shooters, are contributing to the effort of quality recreation for all).  The more they hear of our 'Random Acts of Cleanups', the more they are inclined to keep recreational shooting areas open.

Now you may grab the trash bags and clean it up.  It’s no fun but it’s got to be done.  If you leave it, and the next guy does as well, soon you may not have a place to shoot!

What else could happen if you leave the trash and just start your shooting?  Law Enforcement could drive by at anytime.  Good luck trying to explain that "Those are NOT my holes in the beer cans and milk jugs.  And that propane tank isn’t mine.  Hey, the TV was already there!"  We’d hate to see anyone get fined for ‘illegal’ shooting of trash, so your best bet is to pick it up first.

It’s called Stewardship… 'The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care'.  Our right to shoot on public land is in jeopardy because of a few who don’t own up to the basic principle of Stewardship.  The more ‘Good Stewards’ we have on public land, the more others will be less likely to do their dirty deeds.  Teach by example!

We are always searching for ways to reach the new shooters and the bad ‘Jack-Wagons’ with our message of stewardship.  Be part of our team effort and become a partner with Trash No Land.  Subscribe to our blog for news, event happenings and good bedtime reading material.  Help us out if you have ideas!

Be Safe… Have Fun!

 Copyright © 2017 Trash No Land, All rights reserved.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dog Saves Prowlers life!

Quiet, dark and in a deep peaceful sleep, describes the middle of a recent Thursday night.  But sure enough, as 'Murphy's Law' would have it, the dog starts to bark.  As with many nights before, my grumpy side got the best of me... "Someone must have left the cat outside" and now, as it so happens, it chooses this blissful 2 AM moment to want back in.  I roll over wishing that darn cat would just go jump in the river.
More barks...  a growl...  another ba... wait… a GROWL?  The only time I've heard her growl is when there's a stranger at the door.  She never growls at the cats!

RED FLAG!  RED FLAG!  I sat up suddenly wide awake.  Fast fingers on the key pad quickly open the small safe next to my bed.  In an instant Walther and I were ‘On Alert’.
Hallway clear.  Bathroom clear. Living room clear. A brief thought crossed my mind… "Hey, what if I shoot this guy and the police come?  Will I have time to get some pants on?  Shouldn’t I get dressed first?"  Kitchen clear.  Silly thoughts came to mind as I try to calm my nerves with tomorrows headline; "NAKED MAN WITH GUN, ON A MISSION"  (Nervous chuckles to myself).

There’s the front door...  Don’t hear anything.  Don’t see anyone through the windows.  Large blind spot behind the door… watch out…
I crouch to the height of the counter top as I reach for the door knob.  Open… Nothing.  No cat.  No person.  Nothing.
Close the door.  Chew the dog out.  Back to bed.  Tried for 2 more hours to get back to sleep.  No luck so I got up to get ready for work.  Yeah, thanks dog!  Not a good way to start a new day.
Two days later I heard from a neighbor who said Thursday night there was an intruder inside his front porch.  He called 911 and the police came to search but he wasn't found.  Then it dawned on me… "My dog had heard someone at our front door that night and she tried to warn me".  I’m sure it was the same guy.
I went straight home and proceeded to feed that dog treats all night long!  "What a good dog you are!  Such a sweetheart!  Best security system I ever had!  Yes, such a good girl!"
Since then, I’ve given this situation a bit of deep thought.  My dog is my first line of defense.  A first alert system.  She is a member of my family and is dedicated to our well being.  I can trust her.  Listen to the tone of her voice.  Observe her body posture.  She is communicating clues as to what she suspects and wants you to know.  You will soon know the difference between ‘it’s just a cat’ and ‘HEY!!! SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR!!!'
I have no desire, nor intention, of ever shooting anyone under any circumstance.  But entering my home, uninvited in the middle of the night, is a threat to me and my family.  And I will protect my family first.  And that includes my dog!

Yes indeed, my dog saved that prowlers life that night.  And in the process, saved me from a lot of hardship and grief.  She protected my family.  She’s a hero in my eyes.

Thank you “Miss Penny”!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Bryan's post weekending 1/20/17

Hi all,

Been a crazy week. I drive delivery for a living and lets say the roads were full with more traffic this week than normal. Probably due to 84 being closed nearly all week, in combination with some land slides on local streets. Anyways, I made it.

I have been keeping an eye on shot show all week. Sadly, minus 1 or 2 new items, namely the Hudson H9 and a unique grip by TriTech tactical that holds a Glock magazine in the well of a AR15 pistol grip, which is perfect for those 9mm Glock AR15 builds. Pretty much all of the remaining items all over the show were "look at this AR15 I decked out", or this new "Glock slide serration"... Pretty much the same as last year. Oh, and I forgot, Kel Tec came out with another desirable model, the Survivor RDB, also better known as "Vaporware"! The last notable entry, and my favorite, is by Mossberg. They are joining the others like Sig and Shockwave as well as a few others that push the envelope with the ATF, which I highly enjoy! They are going to start selling an ATF compliant 14" barreled shorty shotgun. Thats right, not 18.5", 14" barrel. I want one!!!


I myself have been focused on a M85NP build. Started as this:

Working towards a new gun all together... Not really, but I like to believe it is. Mostly just a sanding, refinishing, and some bolt ons...

Got to love how the grain shows with a little love.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this little blaster. I'm not done yet.

In other unrelated news. LOL, not really, mostly pretty cool stuff. Donald J. Trump was officially sworn in today! I am not going to lie, I am secretly crossing my fingers as hard as I can that the HPA gets passed under his watch! And, with that, I am all done talking about politics for the month, until the HPA gets passed...

Bill and I are heading out today to meet with a consultant. Should be good, going to get a lot of the legal aspects of TNL situated. Hoping to get some good things done once we are all set up and moving forward. Especially as I am continuing to work with the Forest Grove ODF office on the Tillamook State Forest Wolf Creek Shooting Sites. Hoping to take what we have accomplished there and use the knowledge and mold we cast to create more sites like them throughout OR and WA.

Anyways thats all for today and this week.


Sunday, January 15, 2017


We are building partners of Trash No Land.

Partners are how we get things done and make greater headway toward our goals.

Those goals being;
  • Protecting public land for our current and future generations,
  • Reach shooters and instill the value of our right to shoot on public land,
  • Restore public land shooting as a respectable recreational activity,
  • Reduce trash at shooting sites,
  • Promote Fire Safe shooting lanes on public land,
  • Create a positive image for safe, lawful and responsible gun ownership,
  • All recreational groups will benefit from trash free shooting sites on public land.

Our partnerships include;  Oregon Department of Forestry, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Oregon Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Law Enforcement agencies, Gun forum organizations, Recreational groups & clubs of all kinds and supporting vendors.

WE NEED YOU on that list!  Please sign up as a subscriber to receive our Blog by email.  We will also be posting news and upcoming events on the blog.  We value your ideas, feedback and input.  A perfect way to help make a difference, stay connected with what’s going on in the Northwest and learn of opportunities to get involved.

Adopt a recreational attitude that reflects Trash No Land!