Sunday, May 31, 2020

Info Center Kiosk in the Woods

North Fork Wolf Creek Rd, prior to dispersed shooting locations.
Simple and easy to do, yet effective and too the point.  Communication one-on-one with recreational target shooters helps build a spirit of unification toward the critical goal of promoting responsible shooting on public lands.

On Sunday, May 31st, two Trash No Land members set up the Target Shooter Info Center booth and handed out information to over 60 people in 30+ vehicles.  We handed out Oregon State Rules for Target Shooting, our Trash No Land "Target Shooting on Public Land" brochure, trash bags, home printed paper targets, ear plugs and offered up a nice hot cup of coffee.

Info Center with show-n-tell examples of legal targets.
We set up next to the road so people could stay in their vehicle while we handed out the packets, spoke a few brief words and wished them a safe day packed with lots of fun.  Some did, however, prefer to park and come visit.

Part of the information and show-n-tell, was to promote fire prevention safety when target shooting.  It's best that people start thinking fire prevention before the fire season.

Min requirement in Fire Season is 1 shovel & 1 gallon water or 1 1/2lb extinguisher.
It was a good way to invest half a day to help further the cause for responsible shooting.

Rules, Info, Trash Bags, Targets and Ear Plugs handed out.
Oregon State rules are not easy to find on the internet.  So we copied/pasted to 1 sheet.
And the coffee was always hot!

We would like to see this happen in forests throughout the Northwest.  Contact us to help you start one in your favorite forest!

Bill Cogley
Trash No Land

Saturday, May 23, 2020

WDFW Shooting Rules Draft-Target Shooting Rules Update

Have you seen this? Comment period is on now till June 10th, 2020.

These rules are very similar to WA State land rules but with more definition and some added restrictions, mostly dates you can use steel targets at dispersed sites and a steel core bullet restriction. I'm reading more confusion and long, drawn out wording I think could be simplified for better understanding and easier to read.

A few things that are defined and enhanced more than state rules:

Backstop definition, Steel Core restriction, Steel target time restriction, Target placement, Target stands and the expansion of the No Shooting near facilities & structures.

Backstop definition: I see the problem all the time and many shooters don't seem to get the idea of a backstop. They are requiring a minimum of 8 feet high with a sharp incline (in otherwords; not a long gradual slope). The top priority is to stop the bullet from leaving the range area and a long sloping grade could easily skip the bullet up and over an 8 foot mound of dirt. Even a flat surface can skip a bullet over a shorter backstop. So, defining the 8 foot height and slope is a good idea.

Steel Core restriction: Steel makes sparks, so, this restriction was inevitable. It's to further help prevent wildfires.

Steel target time restriction: Again, to prevent wildfires. The East side may become drier sooner than the West site but if you were to have a different start date for each side, it may add more confusion to the already involved set of rules we have to learn. How much longer would it be delayed for the West side? Probably only 1 month because starting July, the West side gets real dry and fires can & do happen in any part of the state. You can shoot steel targets from Oct 1 to May 31. Perhaps look at it as the glass is half full rather than half empty.

Target placement: Within 8 feet of the backstop and must be shooting at the lower half of the backstop. That's new and further defined. That is, however, the proper distance to be placing the target and the proper part of the backstop to be shooting at. Again, stop the skipping bullet in the backstop.

Target stands: Further defining what is not a target stand, such as, power poles, fence posts, car parts, ect...

No shooting near structures & facilities: Just more 'common sense' things to avoid shooting near.

Clays defined: Many people automatically think clays are biodegradable, so, they clarified that.

Consequences: They do point out that failure to remove trash constitutes 'littering'. They go further to to site WA RCW laws that are punishable if found to be in violation of this subsection.

So, how much can we argue with? It's all common sense and appropriate guidelines we already know (or should know) and it better clarifies specific areas that are commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted.

I don't see a need for outrage and anger over these improvements. It's not like they are restricting or trying to restrict our rights. They are trying to provide public safety and fire prevention. It's stuff we should already be doing. If we are to share the land with each other, and with other recreation users, we must make safety and fire prevention our top priority.


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March Member Drawing Results

Member Drawing Results

The winner of the Protector Level Membership goes to Charles S. of SW Portland. Congrats! He will receive the Glock Survival Knife and a HatPoint Target Stand.

There were no winners in the Ambassador or Knight Levels because we do not have members at those levels yet. We offer the annual drawing to members of the Ambassador, Protector and Knight levels.

This is the first year we've done annual member drawings and is also the first year we've offered supporting membership. We were not very aggressive last year about seeking new members but plan to do more this year. (most members are the free Watchman level, several at Soldier level and a few at the Journeyman level). When the world gets back to normal we'll do a membership drive.

Link to membership page prize drawing results:

I hope all is well with you and your families. Hunker down and be safe till this blows over!

Bill Cogley

Friday, March 20, 2020

Help needed in the forest...

.........In the Forest!...........

Clubs, groups, agencies and organizations have cancelled and/or delayed their regular spring cleanup events in the forests, as they participate in doing their part to help lessen the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. Trash No Land has also done the same.

This means the existing trash will remain in the forest for quite some time if no one comes to the rescue.

As the forest is a virus free environment and recreation is a perfect stress reliever, we expect public visitation to the forest will increase this spring as families seek to break the monotony of being cooped up at home. Your help to remove trash from our public land forests is greatly needed and very much appreciated by all.

Here's how you can help, have fun, do good and still maintain social distancing;

• Pick your favorite forest.
• Plan for a day of adventure to do something good with the whole family.
• Take trash bags, gloves, pickers and pack a lunch.
• Find and remove trash from your forest.
• Take photos of your stewardship deeds and adventure.
• Gladly pay for the disposal of your trash and consider it your donation for the benefit of a healthy forest.
• Send photos to Trash No Land and tell us what forest you were in: or post to the comments below.
• Trash No Land will then forward your photos and good deeds to the forest officials and to our social media.

Commit Random Acts Of Cleanups! Everyone will appreciate your contribution! The forest will too!

#RandomActsOfCleanups, #StewardshipKeepsItOpen, #TrashNoLand

Thanks all,


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Temp Closure Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes, Tillamook SF

Tillamook State Forest, North Fork Wolf Creek Rd, Target Shooting Lanes...


March 2nd through 5th, and March 9th through 12th.
Open to use March 6th through 8th & after 12th.

"YAY! We get our road fixed!!!" 

Ore Dept of Forestry Road Crew is planning to do some road improvement work on the access road to the North Fork Wolf Creek Target Shooting Lanes starting Monday March 2nd. Work will include:

~Roadside brushing to improve visibility.
~Grading and gravel surfacing work to improve the road surface.
~Road widening in places to create turnouts so two way traffic will be able to pass more safely.
~Improvements to the road at the junction with North Fork Wolf Creek Road to more safely accommodate traffic turning right from the spur road onto North Fork Wolf Creek Road.

The work will take place March 2nd through March 5th and March 9 through March 12th. The lanes will be closed to target shooting on these days, all hours.

The lanes will be open to use March 6th through March 8th and will reopen after the work is complete on March 12th.