Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cleanups… A Love/Hate Relationship!

Who Loves a Cleanup?    Who Hates it?

The Hate part:

No one should have to do cleanups on pubic land outside of cleaning up just what you took in.  I find it infuriating that some people show no respect for the value of our public land, no respect for others who wish to recreate there and no respect for the sport of recreational shooting.
Having to cleanup someone else’s trash at shooting sites is not part of my recreational plan!  I hate that part!

The Love part:

Cleanups are much more than simply removing trash.  It’s the people part I like best.  It’s the comradery, the teamwork and the spirit of the volunteers.  It’s the statement we make when we join together as a unified voice to say; “We value the privilege”, “We are committed to responsible recreation” and “We respect all who visit public land”.

If you think about it, there are many positive things you can attribute to volunteering.  Things like; the self-satisfaction you get from knowing you did the right thing, the good you do for the environment, the stand against irresponsible recreation and a whole lot more.  Whether we like it or not, we still do it with great anticipation of making a better outdoor adventure for everyone.  I love that part!

The Challenging part:

I see the forest without any trash.  Healthy trees free from bullet holes.  No broken glass to step on.  People recreating and abiding by the rules.  A dream you say?  A goal I say!

It’s a goal prefaced with a challenge… “Find a solution to the problem”!  I had hoped for a simple solution…  “Just clean it and they will keep it clean”.  Not so!  “Tell them about the rules and they will abide by them”.  Some do, many don’t.  “Raise more awareness”.  Not easy for one person to do, but, one can do a lot!  “Make better places to shoot where they are easy to clean, safer to use and more user friendly than stumbling through the thick brush or boulders of jagged rock”.  That’s not easy thing to convince forest officials and it takes an upfront investment.  It is, however, a viable and good option.

Achieving the goal is going to take a variety of efforts.  There is no one singular solution to this problem.  Our goal is a big challenge.  One I feel is worthy of my efforts.

Reach the Goal part:

The ‘common sense’ side of me says “It’s too big for one person to do.  I need help”.  Many people feel the same way as I and many have supported the efforts towards the goal.  Being encouraged by their support, Trash No Land was formed.

Its purpose is to represent the recreational target shooting community on public land.  It is to be an organization where gun owners ban together and meet the challenge head on.  Its multiple people doing multiple things, all focused on the common goal.  Its innovative thinking, discussion, planning, communicating, partnering, boots on the ground.  Its people and their unique talents working together to make a better recreational experience.  And that's the best part of all!

Join Trash No Land and let’s get to work!  Together!

Thank you all!

Bill Cogley

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Overdue Bryan's Weekly...

Hey all,

I have been getting my butt kicked at work lately and I apologize I have not posted much as of lately.

Lots of stuff has happened since my last post.

It is official. TNL is good to go for Washington State. Now we are waiting on our status with the Feds on the 501-3c status. I want to give a big "THANKS" to Bill the founder and President of TNL for getting all of this completed. Without Bill this movement wouldn't exist.

I had a meeting with Randy Peterson with Oregon Department of Forestry, Forest Grove Office, two Mondays ago. We sat together for 3 hours going over many things that have been needing attention, as well as the future of our partnership. I am excited to announce that ODF wants to continue the progress we have made in the Tillamook State Forest with the fire safe shooting lane improvements. There is lots of work to be done and I hope to be a beacon to assist and contribute. Much of the work is to continue providing support through volunteers to keep the sites clean. Much like hikers assist ODF with cleaning and maintaining trails, recreational shooters are needed to assist with keeping these sites looking good and usable.

With that said, ODF plans on continuing to improve the 4 fire safe sites that were improved upon last year. Such plans include adding better backstops and creating a longer lasting berm for the shorter lanes to assist with weather and use degrading the existing berms. Other future plans include adding further sites within the North Wolf Creek area so as to pull recreational shooting away from other recreational areas that see heavier OHV and Hiking uses. I look forward to seeing a 5th site added to the Wolf Creek area!

As you can see in this picture the weather and use over the winter have caused a good amount of degradation to the berms and such. Improving the berms is something that will be required to keep them from becoming a muddy pile of dirt. So plans are in the works to improve them. Possibly adding a fixed lean and or adding better materials similar to what is used at actual shooting ranges.

In other news, we have our first clean up on the books. I know it is last minute, but there seemed to be a need for one. To get the ball rolling type thing. So TNL will be organizing a "BYOL" clean up. No BBQ or prizes, just a short, simple clean up and shoot out. The Wolf Creek sites are not the largest, and they are relatively easy to clean, which was part of the design element, so it should be quick and easy.

TNL looks to host a clean up in Washington as well, as well as possibly partnering here and there on a few others within Tillamook and possibly Mt Hood. Keep your eyes open and glued to are Facebook and or website for more information on those as they become available.

Sorry it has been so long. Hoping to get more typed up soon!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Feb 25, 2017,  9 AM

Tillamook State Forest at North Fork Wolf Creek Rd. developed shooting lanes

36 miles West of Beaverton, Oregon off Hwy 26.

BYOL and BYOGH! (Bring Your Own Lunch and Bring Your Own Good Heart!)  We'll provide the trash bags and disposal.  Plan on a bit of target shooting fun when we're done!

Starts at 9 AM.  Bring gloves, jeans, outdoor boots and dress for the weather.

No special awards or prizes.  A bare bones cleanup.  Our reward is the self sense of doing good for our privelage to shoot on public land.  Gun owners unite!  We're going to make a difference!

This cleanup is inspired by the devoted members of  They are dedicated to "Supporting gun owners of the Pacific Northwest"!

Be sure to sign up at our Facebook event page: 

And read more on our website Events page:

See you then!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spring Shooting Fever!

Finally some nice weekend weather in the Portland Metro area!  Sure felt like shooting weather to me!  Did you get out for a little target fun?

I had an itchy trigger finger all weekend and a bummed attitude because I knew I couldn't go.  Too many items on the 'Honey Do' list to do around the house.  Piddly little things like patch the hole in the roof, clean out the gutters, rake up all the limbs that blew down, wash the car, wash the dog, wash myself... you know, the kind of stuff that could have waited till NEXT WEEKEND!

On the other hand, the Sportsman's show would have been a good choice.  I saw a few pics of it and read a few comments about it.  Sure wanted to go.  Next year we should be able to do a booth at the show and spread the message of Trash No Land.  Will be fun!

I am anxious, however, to get up in the forest to see the condition of the shooting sites.  I need a full day to visit the shooting lanes in Tillamook and Mt Hood Wild Cat area.  At least a half day up on the Yacolt Burn.  I really want to go tour Tahuya State Forest, outside of Olympia.

Wanting to get the ball rolling on some cleanups and meet-n-greet shooting fun.  For now, it's a bit of organizational stuff like planning and admin work.  Should be able to create an event or two this spring.

Hope it was a good weekend all!  Be safe, Have fun!