Monday, April 2, 2018

Earth Day on The Hood!
A Cleanup in Mt. Hood National Forest
Sunday, April 22, 2018.  9 AM to 1 PM

GPS:  45° 9'58.13"N, 122° 9'19.39"W
14 miles up river from Estacada on Hwy 224.  Look for the direction signs.  Meet in a large parking area next to the highway just after Carter Bridge Day Use/Picnic Site and the first bridge.

Join Trash No Land & Tread Lightly! for Earth Day 2018 in the Mt. Hood National Forest as we cleanup the Fish Creek area!  Several dispersed shooting sites are trashed and need our attention, including the old landing strip.

Enjoy a free barbecue lunch provided by Tread Lightly!

Win some great free prizes from Sportsman's Warehouse, Cabela's, Rapid Fire and Sporting Systems!

Bring; Outdoor clothing, boots, gloves, rakes, magnet & manual pickers and a stewards heart!

After the event, enjoy an afternoon of recreation as you wish!  So bring your play-time fun toys!

All are welcome!  We recommend children be of age 12 or older and be under adult supervision as there may be hazardous materials and sharp objects.

Questions?  Email Bill Cogley, Trash No Land, President, at

Sponsored by   Trash No Land      treadlightly!

USFS Mt. Hood  &  Clackamas County Dump Stoppers

Stewardship Keeps It Open!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Johnny Gets A Safe

Johnny Gets A Safe

The cry for help can sometimes be unheard, overlooked or even disregarded and thought of as being unimportant.  But to the person who needs the help, it is a real and stressful situation.  Such is the case with Johnny.

A concern arose at Johnny’s home where he realized he needed to secure his firearms.  He knew the need had always been there and had hopes of one day purchasing a gun safe and paying to have it installed.  Recently, home security and safety in his household became an urgent and top priority for him.  Living on a limited budget, buying a quality gun safe was always a little out of reach for him.  He needed some help, so, he asked other gun owners for their advice and direction.

That’s when Bryan Olson, Vice President of Trash No Land, heard of Johnny’s plight.  In the hopes of getting the needed help, Olson posted the need to the social media forum Northwest Firearms.  The members there wasted no time to raise over $700 for a new gun safe for Johnny.  Funds raised were enough to purchase a new safe, a dehumidifier and a small handgun safe.  Other contributions, from members, were several trigger locks.

With the help of several volunteers from Northwest Firearms, the safe was delivered and installed in Johnny’s home, this day March 11th, 2018.

Trash No Land and Northwest Firearms recognizes Johnny as being a dedicated volunteer at cleanup events and has a sincere desire to see public lands be respected and open to all.  Although he may have some restrictions because of his wheel chair, he does not hold back from chipping in and giving an honest days work.  We are honored to help him out in this way.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cleanup Jones Creek Area, Yacolt Burn State Forest, Sat April 14, 2018 (Rescheduled!!!)

Upcoming Cleanup event on the Washington side!

Please join us, Saturday April 14th (rescheduled due to high winds on the 7th) from 9 AM to 1 PM, as we invest a few short hours improving the quality of recreation in the Burn.  With your help, we will be cleaning up several places along the L-1610 road.  This road is one of the most popular entrances to the Yacolt Burn State Forest.  First impressions of a clean pristine forest are important to all who visit.

Event on Trash No Land Event page:

Sign-up Event on Trash No Land Facebook page:

Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 26, 2018

New Informational Classes this Spring/Summer

We are launching a new class this spring called "Target Shooting On Public Land".  It's all the things you need to know to shoot responsibly on public land.

Four classes are schedule for this Spring/Summer:

Training Classes: "Target Shooting on Public Land"
March 24 Sportsman's Warehouse, Vancouver:
May 26 Sportsman's Warehouse, Clackamas:
July 28 Sportsman's Warehouse, Hillsboro:
Sept 15 Cabela's: Tualatin

(there could be another one or two).

The class will cover topics like:

Where to shoot?
What to shoot?
How to be legal?
Are there any rules?
Can I shoot milk jugs and propane tanks?
Group shooting & sharing.
Basic firearms safety rules.
Fire/public/personal safety.
What's at stake and how does that effect the next generation?
and more...

First class is scheduled with Sportsman's Warehouse, Vancouver and is posted to our Facebook Events, Northwest Firearms and WaGuns .org.

Your help in spreading the word and sharing this information is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!



Saturday, February 3, 2018

Reasons to support Recreational Shooting and Trash No Land.

The Current State of Recreational Shooting on Public Lands:
  • Trash accumulation at dispersed shooting sites on public lands.  (Lack of stewardship & dumping).
  • Shooters unaware of rules and shooting unlawfully.  (Unsafe conditions & violations of law).
  • Targets being placed on trees, stumps and downed logs.  (Potential fire hazards).
  • Household refuse and appliances being used as targets.  (Wrong choice of targets).
  • Shooting in unsafe locations and directions.  (Public safety issues).
Proposed by Trash No Land and our supporters:
  • Cleanups.  Official and unofficial.  Promote continuous encouragement for ongoing stewardship efforts.
  • Education.  Promote knowledge of rules via word of mouth, social media, publications, classes & events.
  • Awareness.  Inform of issues, conditions, consequences and improvements.
  • Liaison.  Close communication with forest officials to address and improve conditions on behalf of the recreational shooting community.
  • Improvements.  Develop desirable dispersed shooting lanes incorporating fire prevention, public and personal safety, meets rules requirements and ease of cleaning while being environmentally responsible.
  • Maintenance.  Routine repair and upkeep of improved shooting sites and signage.
Trash No Land’s vision for recreational shooting:
  • A cleaner forest.
  • Wide spread knowledge of rules.
  • Adherence to rules.
  • Proper target placement.
  • Proper target selection.
  • Quality dispersed shooting sites.
  • Assistance to forest officials.
  • Improved relations with other recreational activity.
  • No wild fires caused by target shooting.
Join us at our fundraising event and help us do good for our public lands!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Thoughts about our First Anniversary Fundraiser

Feb 18, 2017, 1-5 PM, we will celebrate our first year of operating as a non-profit organization.

We are going to meet at the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Public Safety Training Center.  They have meeting facilities and an indoor pistol range.  This is a perfect venue for our organization and we plan to have a great time.

It's going to be a fun event!  All the details are on our website events section First Year Anniversary Event.  More prized and details posted each week.

We've had a challenging 1st year for raising funds.  It's been rather difficult to get people to contribute.  That's why we felt it may be best to have one big event to help carry us through the year (or some of it at least).  I really hate asking and trying to get donations all the time.  I'd rather focus on doing what I originally set out to do.  That is to put boots on the ground and start making a difference.

We don't need a whole lot of cash to do a bunch of good.  I think the volunteers proved that last year when over 150 volunteers ended up removing about 17,000 lbs of trash from the 3 forests around the Portland area.  And out of the 7 cleanups we did, 5 of them did not offer prizes or free lunches!  That tells me, people care more about preserving public land shooting than they do a free lunch.

Still, there is so much more that a non-profit can do, if we have the funds to do it with.  Although we are in a prime position to knock down a grant or two, not many grants are written for what we are doing (which often makes it rather difficult to meet their grant requirements!).  We are currently waiting to hear the status of an application we submitted to the NRA Foundation for a grant that would help us accomplish the upgrades to the Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes.  They could grant all we asked for or just part of it (or none at all!).  I'm hoping for an update by Feb so I can announce it at the event.

I think it's really important for us to show the forest agencies our dedication to preserving and improving recreational shooting.  They need to see we are aggressively working on the cause and working with them.  It makes a huge difference on their decisions when they are often pressured from the other side.

At this event, I'll be reviewing our upcoming plans and events that will explain things in more detail.  Some programs will need some financial help and some will simply need some volunteer help.

Doing an event like this is a whole lot more fun than bothering everyone all year with little hints and suggestions to donate!  We get to meet and greet, win some great stuff, hear directly from our forest officials and even get an opportunity to plink a few targets at the pistol range before or after the event!

I'll be posting some of the prizes and more details about the event as they unfold.  It will be a good time and well worth your efforts to be there!

Thanks All,